If you ask my family, even in my creative endeavors, I have always been a practical and literal person and this has extended into my gift giving as well.

Some might even argue “practical” and gifting don't go hand in hand but I would say just because a gift is practical doesn't mean it's not intentional or beautiful. In fact, I know from personal experience, practicality adds just the right amount of "pop" to everyday life!  It's quite possible a more practical gift is something the recipient wouldn't spend extra money on so it feels really good to give and receive. And practicality actually goes hand in hand with sustainability! 

Give With Purpose

perfect gift idea, a cozy blanket with a beeswax candle Blankets, pillows, and home warming accessories are always wanted gifts. Mixing soft home goods with a beeswax candle, book or project, creates a perfect mix of practical and thoughtful.

A pure linen blanket or cozy soft wool blanket wrapped up with a special letter recapping the year or words of encouragement or a special memory to revisit with laughter and lightness.

For me I can't think of a nicer gift than the gift of a set of linen napkins. Every day, we pause the hustle to slow down and enjoy a meal. It's in that moment, a  continual reminder, to practice gratitude for the meal, the gift giver, and the moment. You can feel extra thankful to reduce waste as well! 

Give the gift of a set of pure linen napkins, runner, and tablecloth

When my kids were little we would always start the present opening with a we cozy, fun new pillowcase and a book. Years later, you can bet they still look forward to that special gift (who wouldn't?!) Again, practical yet intentional. 

You can look forward to us wrapping your gifts again this season in our traditional kraft paper, beautiful string, cedar and sprigs. Another heartfelt and low waste alternative to writing out tags is to print a special picture of the receiver (with you if you have one) that they can cherish.

If you feel like you might love receiving one of these "practical" gifts, share this blog with a friend or partner or your children!

Jennifer VanderRoest