Eelo Hospitality

We are excited to announce our hospitality program. Centered around original design, quality, service and sustainability for you and your guests.

  • Restaurants + Cafes - we offer a linen napkin and tablecloth service, as well as other soft goods to fit your needs. To complement our linens, we collaborated with Haand to design settings inspired by our fresh water, farms, orchards and wineries. Teaming up with Haand allowed us to create and combine modern, commercial grade ceramics with european linens to set your dining experience apart. 

  • Boutique hotels + curated short stays - we offer our signature organic cotton bath towels and bedding to fit your needs and pamper your guests.

  • Looking to make a statement with a collaboration and your own designs? Let's connect. We would love to work with you to design something completely unique to what makes your project unique. Designs can be dreamed up to fit your brand specifics uniquely to you, setting you apart from the masses. Please note that this level of commitment requires a larger MOQ and at least 6 months of design, development, sampling and production work.