As we find ourselves inside with the change of seasons, I am forever grateful that my company is created upon the premise of something sustainable, beautiful and useful. Blankets and towels are obviously top of the list for creature comforts but this is the perfect time to think about the power of gathering around the table. 

For me personally, as my boys get older it's the moment everyone is under the same roof. The table can offer a grounding moment for a tired spirit, the joy of sitting next to someone you have missed dearly, games, rehashing versions of a particular memorable event, and a time to give thanks.

Gatherings, no matter how difficult to organize or overdue, once everyone sits down, most times it is hard to leave.

So to this end we have created an assortment of beautiful mix and match 100% linen tablecloths, runners and napkins that celebrate fleeting moments and precious milestones.


mix and match table linens

We use and promote our napkins as placemats adding the extra layering element and the ability to mix and match with your budget and gathering size in mind.

Bonus! Linen actually gets softer and better with use, washes up beautifully, can be passed down, and is completely biodegradable.

How do you hold tight to special moments around your table?

Kristen Talaga